Monday, February 19, 2018

What does it mean to be FIERCE at Midlife?

Today is our first annual Global Forever Fierce Day!

One year ago the Midlife Revolution began with a grassroots campaign called The Fierce 50. As the community grew it was opened up to all women at midlife and beyond and now the group is called Forever Fierce. Women from all over are connecting and forming a sisterhood.  In removing all boundaries in our group we have offered to serve the Midlife community by using 50 bloggers to share other women's voices and ask "What does it mean to be FIERCE at Midlife?

                                                        It's your time to shine again. 

I can't say my 50's have been easy. There have been more downs than ups during this time but I stay strong and push forward.  There is nothing I can't do! I feel more energized, confident and speak my mind. 

                                                            Always stay fierce!! 

Here are the women that I am showcasing: Introducing Melissa, Tanni and Gina. Read their personal insights by answering the question What does it mean to
be Fierce in Midlife? Check out all the women you have joined in by going  you might be surprised by some of their answers by always inspired.

Melissa Milligan, 53

Newburyport, Massachusetts (all social media links available there.)
We are not politically incorrect nor technologically inept.
We are not socially inadequate nor ineffective advocates.
We are not out of shape, out of touch, retired, or tired.
We are not forgetful or forgotten.
We are not inactive or invisible.  (cont)
We are not cubbyhole- or stereotype-able.

We are

We are FIERCE.

Tanni Lea Cordis – Age 62

Being fierce means that no matter what happens, I will be happy!
It’s taken me years to figure out that I am not someone else’s
definition of me.  I am not someone else’s second choice.
I am a strong woman who tries to do what’s right, when no one
else is looking.  Now that I am in my midlife, that choice means
more to me than ever, before…The choice to be a better version
of myself…to step aside of the roll of Mother, Grandmother, wife
and employee, to become the boss of my own life. They are
important yes, but they are not the rolls that define me. What
does, are the years of love, joy, hate, tears, laughter, anger,
shame, hard work, patience and downright fortitude, that have
made me the strong and fierce, midlife woman I’ve become.

Columbia, Canada

Turning 50 had nothing but negative connotations until one
day I decided, I am going dress differently, starting with some
kick-ass cowboy boots. A big switch from my business attire.
Wearing those boots unleashed an attitude that projected I am
OK with me. I became attracted to innovation. My inner child
awoke with delight and renewed confidence. Then I was laid
off. Devastated and angry I decided that this would mark the
beginning of my most successful years. I came up with a
business idea that drew on all my experience and education.
Suddenly, I was free to explore, be passionate and creative.
I built an incredibly diverse network. I love being my own boss and doing work that matters. I also took
up the harp and hula dancing.  I smile as I strut, boots or not,
with a ferocity that exudes "I've made it on
my terms".

We hope you will join us and share your voice in our social media
Please feel free to join us at We will love to have you. We are a group of FIERCE women!!


  1. Such inspirational women you've featured, Kim. And you are truly Fierce also. With what you've been through and the hurdles you've overcome!!
    Thanks for being part of the Fierceness!!

  2. Great group of inspirational women!! Love that Gina's kick-ass cowboy boots jump-started the rediscovery of her inner child and self-confidence. Being a west Texas gal, I can personally testify to the power of a great pair of boots.

    Have been meaning to tell you, I received your Valentine 'share the love' box and will open in right before I write my post for the TBB link-up. Thank you so much!!!


  3. Kim,
    Another great article! Love meeting Melissa, Tammi Lea, and Gina, they ARE fierce.

  4. Kim, thank you for sharing these three women's beautiful stories of empowerment. Something that Tanni said really struck a chord with me personally, "I am not someone else's definition of me." Wow. That is a lesson that I learned the hard way! And now that I have rewritten my very own definition of me, I feel unstoppable, unbreakable, and really fierce beyond wonder! I love your soul and your passion, my friend! Stay fierce.


  5. Hi Kim! Loved reading your shared inspirations and Gina's "kick ass cowboy boots" comment! LOL I'm a Texas girl who's lost without her cowboy boots and I can tell you- they DO unleash attitude! lol ❤️💋

  6. Great group of women. Love their stories and fierceness!!

  7. Love reading about these fierce women!

  8. Thanks for sharing these inspiring women! I agree age doesn't define us!
    I loved being part of this campaign with so many amazing women
    Julia x